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Please leave it to the site building, web marketing.

Provided service

We support introduction and operation of overseas tools, build multilingual sites, introduce CMS, etc.

Hotjar introduction and operation support

It is a service that supports introduction & operation of "Hotjar" popular overseas Web analysis tool. Registration agency, introduction / analysis support, support etc are all handled in Japanese. Please fully utilize the function of "Hotjar" originally usable only in English!

Introduction of multilingual CMS

We are building a CMS using the world-standard Wordpress multilingual plug-in "WPML". Also, it is possible to construct multilingual EC site in cooperation with Woocommerce. If you are considering site, EC multilingualization please contact us.

Original EC site introduction support

BASE, color me, MAKE SHOP, Woo Commerce, Welcart. EC shop owners wanting to launch their own EC site on a low budget, please do not hesitate to consult us.

Construction of CMS

We are building CMS using Wordpress. We can handle a wide variety of CMS projects ranging from CMS of corporate site to online publication of book media using Wordpress. If you are considering making CMS of existing site / media please consult.

Construction of site for SME

We are building a responsive site customizing templates such as envato etc. for companies that have not yet had a website and have been freshly launched or for SMEs that are late for smartphone support.

Unbounce installation and operation support

For companies wanting to create many landing pages. We support the introduction and operation of overseas tools that can mass produce landing page even without engineer · coder · designer. If you are interested please feel free to contact us.

Media launch record

Fish & Tips is an overseas travel media launched with Blue Air Co., Ltd. in 2015 year 1 month. Approximately 30 million users are visiting 1 months.

※ In the 2017 year 7 month, Shobunsha Corporation Business was transferred to the company.

Fish & Tips here »

Fish & Tips

Fish & Tips

Actual introduction

We will introduce the projects that we can open.

Members Introduction

A proven specialist will support your business.

Yuji Tomita


From 2003 year to 2007 year, he experienced direction, development, and launch of new service of PHP project at web production company. He served as Product Director of Japan and Southeast Asia Site in 2008 to 2013 year, the world's largest travel website, 2009, and is involved in site analysis / site function optimization · SEO · word of mouth collection.

Tomonari Shimada

Marketing Director

From 2004 to 10 years, I work on technical work on the Web and IT. Writing professional books and teaching web marketing at Toyo Art School. In the 2015 year 1 month, I set up overseas travel media Fish & Tips and brought up to media of {4 million PV per month. We are conducting research everyday whether we can introduce the newest overseas tools quickly and lead to improvement of the site.

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Company Profile

company name: Mediobo, Inc.
location: 〒 114-0024 Nishi-ku, Tokyo west coast 2-37- 1
TEL: 03-6337-6686
Officers: Representative Director Yuji Tomita
Tomonari Shimada Director
Business description: Web consulting, Web media business,
Web production, system development
Establishment: 2012年4月
Capital: 600 million yen